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NHA Clean Currents 2024

NHA Clean Currents 2024 - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #1218

Join the North American Waterpower Community to turn innovation and vision into growth for the betterment of the waterpower industry; where 100% of funds raised during Clean Currents 2024 are reinvested in advocacy and support of our industry, along with the professionals working in it.

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Canadian Water Power Week 2024

2024 Canadian Waterpower Week - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #TBD

The annual national conference and trade show that offers exclusive opportunities to make connections, build knowledge, and position for success with the largest electricity generation, transmission and storage companies in Canada.

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HydroVision Int'l 2024

HydroVision 2024 - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #307

This event serves as a nexus for connection, knowledge acquisition, and the exploration of novel solutions. HydroVision Internationals' conference provides an unparalleled platform for learning that addresses every facet of hydropower, spanning Operations and Maintenance, Environmental Issues and Water Management, Equipment and Technology, Industry Trends and Analysis, and New Development!

 As the largest event of its kind globally, it brings together more than 1,200 hydro enthusiasts, including power producers, utilities, consultants, major hydro energy users, and engineering, procurement & construction companies, hailing from over 50 countries.

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Legacy Turbine Users Group 2024

2024 LTUG - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #57

TurbinePROs is looking forward to Legacy Turbine Users Group 2024. LTUG is organized to provide an open forum through conferences and technological aids for effective communication, discussion, and information dissemination regarding the operation, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of such systems to maximize equipment performance and reliability.

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OWA Power of Water Canada 2024

2024 OWA Power of Water Canada - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #61

The OWA POWC Conference features Canada’s largest hydroelectric trade show with more than 60 venders from across North America focusing on the goal of sustaining and enhancing the significant contributions of Ontario’s existing waterpower assets, as well as providing new opportunities for waterpower development and industry growth across the province.

Generators, engineering firms, environmental consultants, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, legal, project financing and insurance firms, Indigenous communities, and other organizations, all sharing the common interest of advancing waterpower in Ontario.

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